About Eaglestone

Eaglestone is a European group specialising in real estate development and investment and is active in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

Our urban projects are ambitious and innovative and focus on three pillars: Residential, Offices and Shops.
The group’s strategy is to create added value and embellish the urban environment.

For more than 10 years, our contemporary architecture coupled with our passion for art has been subtly blended into cities. The quest to embellish the urban environment is ingrained in our corporate DNA.

Eaglestone’s devotion to art

Art occupies a prominent role in our perception of the city. “Art is part of it”.
With this in mind, Eaglestone has decided to enlist the talents of artists to breathe life into its real estate projects.
Their task: provide inspiration for the city of tomorrow, while adding a touch of soul and magic to our future living and working spaces.

For the new Brooklyn district, Eaglestone commissioned two local artists: Samuël Levy, who will create works to decorate the entrance halls of residences, and Bruno Desplanques, whose work will be displayed in the entrance of The Bridge office building.

Creating tomorrow’s
city together

The architects

With new forms of mobility, redesigned road layouts and potential urban remodelling, an entire district can be transformed with a truly radical change of perspective.
We were captivated by the rebirth of the district, with a new intimate and protected street to be created, which delicately intersects the former artisanal plots.

At the entries to the street, we wanted to create transparent architectural features that would convey the identity of the complex. A little further on, the rhythmic dotting of small residences perpetuates the dialect that begins at the southern entrance: brickwork is executed on a smaller scale, with subtle details on the edges.
Windows, blinds, cladding and decorative metalwork echo the vibrancy originating on the front of the offices.
We want to streamline the transition from one activity to another, and cultivate the notion of belonging to one cohesive, high-profile project.

The street is bustling with life at all hours of the day, windows light up before the others go out, and the setting feels peaceful because of this seamless occupancy and architectural expression.

Your contacts

The “Brooklyn” project is a landmark in urban development and rejuvenation in which BRICKS is eager to participate as a business partner.

This project is part of the long-awaited facelift of this popular part of the Bonnevoie district, just a few steps away from the city centre and the main railway station. With its direct link to the tram line, “Brooklyn” offers an exceptional standard of urban lifestyle, an authentic neighbourhood atmosphere and a long-term investment opportunity with a very high growth potential in a prime central location.

The city is yours to enjoy!

The Brooklyn project will take place in Bonnevoie. A vibrant and compassionate multicultural district in the midst of a revival, with an eye to the future, it promises an authentic neighbourhood lifestyle. Bonnevoie also offers a wide range of cultural activities, sports facilities and restaurants, as well as excellent multimodal links and soft mobility. With its own tram stop, you can travel from Brooklyn to Cloche d’Or or Brooklyn to the upper city in a mere ten minutes.

For investors, the proximity of the project to the Cloche d’Or and city centre employment areas, coupled with the district’s high potential for development and the presence of numerous infrastructures, are all decisive factors for a resilient and successful rental investment.

A home in the Brooklyn project is all about enjoying life at its best and experiencing everything the city has to offer.