Why invest in a flat in Luxembourg?

Advantages of living in Luxembourg

Pour éviter les déplacements inutiles et être prêt à poser les bonnes questions, découvrez notre check-list avec toutes les informations nécessaires pour éviter les pièges ! discover the main benefits that you will have if you decide to to move to Luxembourg.

Located in the centre of Europe, Luxembourg is renowned for its quality of life as well as for its economic activity.
Although the country has a relatively small population, it receives a significant number of expatriates every day, partly as a result of the country's economic success.

Luxembourg, a country of mobility ;

Proximity with other European countries is a considerable advantage. You will be able to travel easily for all your private or professional trips.
While Luxembourg has an advantage due to its location within Europe, the country emphasises efficient internal mobility. You can get around the capital, the various economic districts and the whole country quickly and free of charge.

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A recognised quality of life

If you want to invest in Luxembourg, it is undoubtedly because you want to settle there. The quality of life is an essential factor and an important argument, Luxembourg will offer you everything you need. Indeed, it ranks in the top 10 worldwide for its quality of life.

Buying a flat in Luxembourg and living there means taking advantage of many benefits ;

- An open and cosmopolitan country
- A country that preserves its nature
- Efficient mobility
- A cultural offer
- Extremely low crime rate
- A very low unemployment rate too

Making a wise investment

If property prices continue to soar, Luxembourg is no exception to the rule. Indeed, this year, Luxembourg has seen an increase of +12.8% for flats (Ministry of Housing).
There are several reasons for this inflation but it is almost certain that it will continue in this direction.

From a financial point of view, buy a flat in Luxembourg and becoming a homeowner seems to be a good choice.

Wise investment Luxembourg

Brooklyn : Ideal flat for young workers in Luxembourg

The Brooklyn area is a new residential area located in Bonnevoie, a stone's throw from the centre of Luxembourg.

As a young worker, the new residential area will appeal to you thanks to its many new flats offering you a variety of choices but above all proximity to your workplace.

Among these flats, you will find a car park, a plot of land, a terrace and above all an incredible amount of light in all the rooms.

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Flat Luxembourg : Why invest in Bonnevoie ?

Are you still hesitating about where to invest? Choosing Bonnevoie means invest in a new trendy place and cosmopolitan city.

The location is appreciated for its proximity to the station area and the city centre. Bonnevoie is attracting more and more young buyers and families.

The area has all the amenities you need, so you don't have to travel far. If you work outside the area, the location is also ideal as you can take advantage of public transport with notable ease of access.

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If you want to invest in a new flat in Luxembourg, discover our available properties now.