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About Eaglestone

Eaglestone is a European real estate development and investment group active in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Our urban projects are ambitious and innovative and focus on three areas: residential, offices and retail.
The group's strategy aims to the creation of added value and urban beautification.

For over 10 years, our contemporary architecture coupled with our passion for art has been subtly integrated into cities. The desire to beautify the urban environment is in our DNA.

Eaglestone's commitment to art

Art has a special place in our vision of the city. "Art is part of it'.
This is why Eaglestone has decided to use the talents of artists to bring its real estate projects to life.
Their mission: to inspire the city of tomorrow while adding a touch of soul and magic to our future living and working spaces.

For the new Brooklyn district, Eaglestone has called on two local artists: Samuël Levy, who will create works to decorate the entrance halls of the residences, and Bruno Desplanques, whose work will be installed in the entrance of The Bridge office building.

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Creating tomorrow’s
city together


New mobility, redesigned road layouts, possible urban redesigns, and a whole district can be rethought, in a real change of perspective.

We were seduced by the renewal of the area, along a street to be created, intimate and protected, which finely redraws the old artisanal plots.

At the entrances to the street, we wanted to set transparent architectural accents that would give the ensemble its identity. Further on, the regular punctuation of the small residences maintains the dialogue installed at the southern entrance: the brick is worked on a smaller scale, the fixtures are gently declined on the corners.
The windows, blinds, cladding and ironwork pick up the vibration initiated on the office facade.
We want to make it easier to move from one activity to another, and maintain the idea of belonging to a single quality project.

The street is alive at all hours of the day, windows light up before others go out, the framework is reassuring because of this continuity of occupation and architectural language.

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Bricks Luxembourg

The 'Brooklyn' project is a reference in terms of development and urban regeneration, BRICKS is very excited to be involved as a business partner.

This project is part of the long-awaited beautification of this much-appreciated part of the Bonnevoie district, just a few steps from the city centre and the central station. Directly connected to the tram line, "Brooklyn" guarantees exceptional urban living comfort, a real neighbourhood life and a long-lasting investment opportunity with real value-added potential in a very central location.

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Experience the city!

The Brooklyn project will be established in Bonnevoie. A multicultural neighbourhood in full renewal, dynamic, human and forward-looking, it will offer you a real neighbourhood life. Bonnevoie also offers numerous cultural activities, sports facilities and restaurants, in addition to ensuring perfect multimodal connectivity and soft mobility. With its own tram stop, you can travel from Brooklyn to the Golden Bell or Brooklyn to the Upper Town in just ten minutes.

For investors, the proximity of the project to the Cloche d'or and city centre employment areas, coupled with the district's strong development potential and the presence of numerous infrastructures, are key elements for a resilient and successful rental investment.

Living in the Brooklyn project means enjoying life and the best of the city.

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