Inauguration of the Brooklyn Project


At the end of April, Eaglestone inaugurates the new Brooklyn neighborhood.

Ideally located less than 10 minutes walk from the Luxembourg City train station, 7 new buildings will soon be completed, heralding the renewal of Bonnevoie. Like its New York counterpart from which it draws its inspiration, Brooklyn promises to become the capital's trendy, cultural and dynamic place.

From the inauguration, the tone is set: "Art is part of it"! The artist Samuël Levy is inspired to compose, live, the first work of the district.
Eaglestone expresses the importance of art in each of its real estate projects. Eventually, unique works of art will grace the lobbies of each building.

Luxembourg, a country of mobility ;

Proximity with other European countries is a considerable advantage. You will be able to travel easily for all your private or professional trips.

While Luxembourg has an advantage due to its location within Europe, the country emphasises efficient internal mobility. You can get around the capital, the various economic districts and the whole country quickly and free of charge.

Check out the video and press release of the Brooklyn Project opening below.

The press release