2024, the right year to buy property in Luxembourg

2024 could well be the ideal year for buying a new flat in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg government is introducing new measures to support individuals and investors in their property purchases.

In this context, the acquisition of a new flat is particularly interesting for those who can grasp this short window of opportunity. To guide you through the process, we have produced 4 videos in which our experts and partners give you their advice.

The residences in Brooklyn, the new district being built at the entrance to Luxembourg, meet all the criteria for benefiting from tax reductions. In this first video, Gisèle Lippolis, Residential Sales Manager at Eaglestone Luxembourg, explains the advantages of Brooklyn and the purchasing procedure.

Eaglestone builds Brooklyn in the heart of Europe

Eaglestone, the property developer, is renowned for its visionary projects in Luxembourg as well as in France and Belgium. Recognised for the architectural and technical excellence of its projects, its fundamental mission is to enhance the urban environment.

As with the Brooklyn project at the entrance to Bonnevoie, Eaglestone is developing buildings and responsible neighbourhoods where life is good.

New district in Bonnevoie

Brooklyn, Bonnevoie's new district

To the south-east of Luxembourg City, the Brooklyn project is being built on the principle of ¼ hour city. Close to Luxembourg's central station, future residents will have access to all the essential services, such as shops, schools, crèches, a sports centre, cultural venues, green spaces and restaurants in just 15 minutes on foot or by bike.

The neighbourhood will be a harmonious mix of residences in new flats, offices and shops. Designed around green spaces and gardens, the district aims to provide the best possible quality of life for all generations.

Buying a new flat in Luxembourg / Brooklyn in 2024: the winning choice

As Gisèle Lippolis explains, there are several reasons why now is the ideal time to buy a new flat in Brooklyn.

First of all, construction is already underway. It is being handled by the highly reputable construction company CBL. BGL BNP Paribas is providing the financial guarantee until completion of the work in September 2025. The deeds can therefore be signed before a notary once the bank finance has been obtained. You can therefore be sure that the mortgage rate will be fixed when you discuss your mortgage with the bank.

Eaglestone also guarantees a fixed, non-indexed price, this eliminates any possibility of unpleasant surprises between the signing of the contract of sale and the handover of the keys. The agreed price remains unchanged!

In the following videos, you will discover that property investment in Brooklyn (Luxembourg) meets all the new tax reduction criteria in force in 2024. Barbara Streibel of CBRE will explain the advantages of buying as a primary residence. Paul Fabeck of Bricks Real Estate will give you the details you need to make it a winning rental investment.

Apartment Luxembourg

In practical terms, how do you go about buying a flat in Brooklyn?

Would you like to buy a flat in Luxembourg in the new Brooklyn district at the entrance to Bonnevoie? We'll guide you step by step to find the home that best suits your needs and budget.

  • All you have to do is register your interest via the contact form.
  • You will then be contacted by one of our marketing partners. This will be an expert from CBRE or Bricks Real Estate.
    At an initial meeting, he will show you the different flats available. These have 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. They all have a balcony or terrace and a garden.
  • Once you've signed the reservation, we'll provide you with the documents you need to apply to the banks. If you wish, you can ask Credihome's broker to help you get the best financial package. Mélissa Rizzo, Head of Brokers, will give you some advice on this in a forthcoming video.
  • The month after you receive the finance, you will go before the notary to finalise the sale.

By choosing a flat for sale in Brooklyn, you benefit from a property investment which meets all the 2024 tax reduction criteria.

Please note that this window of opportunity is limited in time. It will end in a few months' time. So now's the time to make your dream flat a reality.

Contact us so you don't miss out on this unique opportunity!