Buying a flat: 8 questions to ask for a successful visit

You wish to buy a flat, you look at the real estate ads and suddenly the property of your dreams appears. It seems to have no faults and meets all your expectations. You're ready to pick up the phone and ask for a visit, but to avoid unnecessary travel and to be ready to ask the right questions, discover our checklist with all the necessary information to avoid pitfalls!

Below, the keys to a successful visit and make the right choice when buying a flat.

A successful real estate visit

The reasons for selling the flat

Indeed, to start the visit without unpleasant surprises, do not hesitate to ask what are the reasons for the sale. They will often keep you informed of important information at the beginning of the visit.
If the seller is not telling you the truth, you will at least have a feeling about their answer.

Of course, if you are visiting a new property project, this way you avoid potential problems.

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The exhibition of the pieces

To get to the heart of the matter of visiting your flat, one of the key points will be the exhibition of the pieces. Indeed, if you can change the interior of your flat, the sun will not move as you wish.
The economic value and especially your well-being can differ greatly according to orientation of the flat. So this is an essential question, so ask.

Fees in co-ownership

If you want to buy a flat as part of an overall development or in a shared building with several properties, it is essential to find out more about the monthly charges. You can also ask if there will be any work in the future, and how often. These questions will save you many surprises.

Amenities around the flat

Having amenities close to one's home is a significant advantage. Proximity to certain facilities can be a deciding factor. Proximity to a school, a shop and a doctor, to name but a few, can make your daily life easier.s

Public transport

We were talking about conveniences, and public transport is one of them.
Take the time to walk around the area before your visit, and you'll soon realize whether or not public transport is available.
Access to public transport is a real asset. Regardless of the neighborhood in which you want to buy an apartment, mobility is a major asset.

The district

Like all districtyou will quickly see that your (possible) future flat will have vous verrez rapidement que votre (éventuel) futur appartement aura to be where it is. The key is to know what is most important to you and to do a global check.

Investing in an urban centre area is ideal, close to any convenienceIt makes everyday life easier.
At the same time, it is important to maintain a certain quality of life. For example, consider whether you have access to green spaces.

From a financial point of view, the locality weighs heavily in the price of a property, take this into account as it will have an influence and impact on your investment.

The evolution of the district

Ask the estate agent or the person in charge of your visit about prospects for the neighbourhood. If you want to be sure you are making the right choice when investing in a property, go to the responsible body in the city.
For example, you can ask about economic, social and environmental programmes. You can also ask if there are any new buildings planned in the vicinity of your flat.

In general, you will learn more about the current life of the area, as the short-term future is often indicative of the current situation.

What's important to you

Each buyer will place a different emphasis on certain points. Never hesitate to ask about what YOU think is important. After all, you will be the one occupying the flat if the visit goes as you expect.

Are you a cycling fan? Ask for a secure parking space.
Would you like to have a very bright room? Ask which flat is the most suitable.

In short, to avoid mistakes, anticipate and ask the right questions.